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Current Press Releases

Wipe and away: SONAX Display Cleaner Wipes

With SONAX Display Cleaner Wipes, the Neuburg car care specialist presents a practical new product. >> Details

Glass-hard protective layer for paintwork: SONAX PremiumClass NanoPaintCoating

SONAX celebrated a world first at the Frankfurt automechanika fair with the SONAX PremiumClass NanoPaintCoating. The product is ideal for ambitious “DIY car care”. >> Details

New for Perfect Paintwork Cleaning: SONAX Spray & Clay

Now all motorists can profit from SONAX know-how in professional vehicle valeting: As of now, the SONAX Xtreme Spray & Clay paintwork cleaning set is a welcome addition to the SONAX paintwork care programme. >> Details

SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare: The Feeling is Premium

With SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare, the Neuburg car care specialist is redefining the upper echelon of paint work care products. For car enthusiasts and lovers of special cars, the SONAX team has developed a particularly innovative formula, which has a wax constituent consisting of 100% pure, unadulterated "grade one" carnauba wax. >> Details